Fantage Waterpark?! – Part 2


After all the squirting water and riding waves has come the long awaited Starfish Hunt. Yay? It’s quite similar to the Blackout event but not as good in my opinion. Here’s why.

Basically, we’re divided into two teams, and whichever team collects the most starfish, wins stars. (Really?! Atleast it would be better to get something that would be useful. :/)

Btw, these are how the starfish look like and the starfish hunts are every half hour.


All the hunts last for about 5 minutes I think. In the picture below, the blue team had won and the losing team got 10 stars.. -__-


Here is the a picture of the second limited outfit for the girl.


Nothing really pops out at me… I personally like the first limited outfit better because of the creativity, but, I think the hair, romper, and sunglasses are quite cute. 🙄

I don’t really get this picture here though… anyone care to explain?


So, if you get the full set, there is a bonus of 40%, but if you get each item individually, it’s 60%? Or… is it a combination of full 100% bonus? Haha, idek. Someone, please explain!

Sorry this post was a little late! The event started on the 13th, but I never could finish writing this since I wanted to get pictures and it was quite hard to since I was never on when the Starfish Hunt was going on! ^_^


Abi x


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