Thanksgiving Event 2015!


The American holiday of Thanksgiving is gracing us next week, so you know what that means… 😆



Of course, Fantage has an event for it! What were you thinking?! 😮

Fantage decided to do a vintage auction. I don’t know how Thanksgiving and this vintage auction are related, but let’s just go with it.


Between all servers, an item is up for auction for a specific amount of time. Rules are that you just have to place a bid and the highest bidder wins. All the gold you bid will be taken from your account, but it soon will be returned when another person bids higher. After the allotted time is over, the item is all yours. Just remember that you still need to pay 100 gold TO bid. My suggestion is to wait a couple of minutes before the bidding ends. You’ll just save more gold that way because that deposit money ain’t coming back. :/ 

Ah, but wait.  Did you think that was all?

Lol no. 😛 There’s a Wall of Letters! If you have any spare time, make sure you read some of the entries. Basically, people of Fantage just write comments on how they think that all the auction is unfair and how Thanksgiving was in October for Canadians but they didn’t do any event about that. 

I really don’t get how this event correlates with Thanksgiving. Aren’t we supposed to be grateful for what we have..? 😕 We’re spending money to be grateful? I guess Fantage really does have tricks up their sleeves.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this quick update on the new event. Also, has anyone else’s Fantage been lagging a lot?


Abi x



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